We understand that the process of taking action against the person or organisation responsible for your accident can be stressful, especially after the stress caused by the injury itself. That’s why we’re committed to working with you on a personal level from the beginning, and doing whatever we can to make the whole process easier. That means explaining everything in simple language that you can actually understand – why would you want to listen to complex legal jargon that means nothing to you? Mancunians are well know for being outspoken and straight-talking, and that’s what we’re all about – we speak out on your behalf, and we relate to you on your own terms.

One thing that many people certainly don’t look forward to is going to court, but this isn’t always necessary, with many claims being settled out of court. If the case does go to court, we’ll make sure you know what to expect and do whatever we can to put you at ease. Many people also find the prospect of dealing with a big pile of paperwork pretty daunting, but at CK Claims we do most of the form-filling for you.