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Other types of accident eligible for compensation

There are so many ways in which it is possible to be injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, thoughtlessness or recklessness. Fortunately if you have had an accident which was not your fault then in most cases you will be able to claim compensation to cover the loss of earnings, any medical expenses and to help you get through the difficult times following the injury.

Although not necessarily complete, the following outlines some of the more common accident types which CK Claims Ltd have helped clients with across Manchester in recent months. All of these types of accident are covered by our No Win No Fee Guarantee, which means that if your claim is successful we don’t charge you a penny, letting you keep the full Maximium Compensation awarded. If your claim is not successful, you still won’t have to pay a thing.

Accidents In A Care Home

Our loved ones should be safe in a care home or respite for the elderly, but occasionally things do go wrong. Perhaps this could be due to faulty or poorly maintained equipment, or professional negligence. In most cases, we can help you make a clam.

Children’s Accident

Children naturally tend to get into scrapes, but sometimes they may have an accident which was genuinely not their fault. From poorly maintained or faulty play equipment or poor supervision when at school or nursery, we can help you make a claim.

Police Claim

The police are there to help and protect us, and most of the time they do an excellent job. However, there are occasions when things go wrong, and if you have been a victim of negligence or suffered an injury whilst in the hands of the police then you may well have a claim.

Holiday Accident

Almost any type of accident or injury sustained whilst on holiday and which was not your fault can be categorised as a holiday claim. From faulty furniture to car accidents whilst on holiday, talk to us and we’ll help you claim the full compensation you deserve.

Sports Injury

Playing sports
and joining a gym should leave you feeling healthier, fitter and better, but sometimes things go wrong. Whether it be an aggressive player of a team, faulty gym equipment or poor or inadequate supervision or training, we can help get you back on track.

Animal Attacks

Pet owners have a responsibility to control and supervise their animals, but sometimes owners can be negligent. From dog bites to cat scratches, and from snakes to ferrets, if you have been attacked or injured by an animal then talk to us today.

Gym Accident

Gyms and leisure centres have a duty of care to ensure that members are safe. However, poorly maintained or faulty gym equipment can cause devastating accidents. Even the lack of suitable training in using equipment can cause injuries, in which case you need to make a claim.

Police Dog Bite Claim

Police dogs are trained to cause injuries, which is why they need to be kept under close guard at all times. If you have been injured by a police dog, regardless of the circumstances, call us today and we can help determine if you have the right to claim for compensation.

Food Poisoning

A great deal of the time today we have to place our trust in other people when preparing, cooking and serving our food. If that faith has been misplaced we can easily suffer from debilitating food poisoning, in which case you will need to contact us quickly to make a claim.