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No Win, No Fee Motorbike Accident Claims

Making a motorbike accident claim can be difficult, because it requires a very fast response time, and professional attention from specialists who have extensive experience with the process of dealing with motorbike accident claims. If you have had a motorbike accident, either as the rider or as a pillion passenger, and you do not believe that it was your fault, or at least not entirely your fault, then call us today and we will help maximise your chances of a successful compensation claim. As long as your motorbike accident occurred anywhere around the Manchester region then we can help you claim for the compensation you deserve.

Riding a motorbike is by its very nature a risky business. You have no seatbelts or other restraints, very little protection, and drivers of other vehicles very often don't see you as clearly as they would another car. This means that many motorbike accidents occur as a result of drivers of cars failing to see you, pulling out in front of you, or driving so close that you are forced off the road or knocked over.

Unfortunately in any accident which involves a car and a motorbike the motorbike rider is 45 times more likely to suffer from serious injuries than the car driver. Although motorbikes account for only 2.6% of the traffic on the roads in the UK, motorbike riders account for 20% of all injuries sustained in accidents on the road.

It is also the case that injuries sustained as a motorbike rider or passenger tend to be serious, and may well stay with you for the rest of your life. That's why it is essential to claim the compensation you deserve if the cause of the accident or injury was another driver. But it is important to act quickly if your claim for motorbike accident compensation is to be successful.

Making A Motorbike Accident Claim For Compensation

If you have had a motorbike accident, then no matter how minor the injuries or damage may be it is essential that you take the following action. Firstly you must notify the police and make sure that they record the accident and take a detailed report. In some cases the police will try to tell you that it isn't necessary because your insurance company will deal with the claim, but this isn't always the case, and there are circumstances in which your claim will only be successful if a detailed police report has been made.

Secondly, contact us if your motorbike accident was in the Manchester or North West region. As Manchester based specialists with extensive experience of making successful claims for motorbike accident compensation we know how tricky such claims can be, and how to maximise the chances of success. All too often insurance companies, specialists and the police will instinctively tend to place the blame on the motorbike rider, no matter how unfair this prejudice is. That's why it's important to talk to us so that we can fight your case fairly and justly.

It's also essential to contact us as soon as possible as time is very much of the essence. The quicker we are able to act on your behalf then the better the chance of a positive outcome. Remember, even if the other driver drove off, was untraceable or had no insurance, we can still help you make a motorbike accident claim for compensation.