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Personal Injury Claim – Home Visit

If you have had an accident or suffered an injury through someone else’s negligence then you’ll almost certainly have enough on your plate without having to sit there filling in endless forms, or ringing call centres, speaking to computers and pressing options before finally getting transferred to someone who isn’t a specialist but who will pass your details on.

At CK Claims we do things a little differently. To start with, we don’t use call centres. Our phone numbers are on every page of our website, and if you call one of our numbers you’ll find you’re speaking to us directly. One number, one call, and you’re talking immediately to a real adviser with many years’ experience helping people just like you make their claim for compensation.

But more than this, we also make it a point to always visit our clients in person. This can either be at their home, or at a friend’s home – wherever they feel most comfortable. We feel that it’s important to get to know the person, and understand their concerns, their issues, and obtain a full picture of the incident and the consequences.

It’s hard sometimes to really get a feel for a person’s circumstances when you’re communicating via email, post or phone. We believe we can help our clients more effectively by arranging a home visit which will allow us to sit with our clients and provide them with an opportunity to ask all of the questions they may have, and to provide honest answers and support right there and then.

CK Claims – Putting The ‘Personal’ Back Into Personal Injury Claim

When you’re dealing with a faceless organisation over the phone or through the post it’s very easy to find that whilst you ask the big questions, there are lots of little questions which may not seem terribly important, but you can’t help worrying about them or thinking about them. We feel that by providing a face to face opportunity to meet and chat about the claim, clients find they can open up more easily and ask us these questions so that they can feel much more confident and relaxed about the whole process.

Some of these big national firms of specialists will happily broadcast slick shiny advertisements on TV, although you’ll rarely find any specialists in them, and you’ll rarely get to talk to a specialist if you try ringing their numbers. To us, you’re not just a case file or reference number. To us you’re a person, with real concerns, real needs and real circumstances, all of which we can offer real help and support with.

If you have been injured or had an accident anywhere across the Manchester region, and you feel that it was not your fault, then call us today, and speak with us directly. If you prefer you can request us to call you back, and we promise to do this within 15 minutes. We’ll have a chat with you about your circumstances, and then arrange a home visit.

Remember, with CK Claims, it’s personal!