Manchester’s Local Personal Injury Specialists

At CK Claims, we pride ourselves on our personal approach. When you pick up the phone, you’ll be connected directly to a qualified personal injury specialist with the experience and expertise to provide you with the advice you need, and explain how the compensation process works. We treat you like an individual, and that’s what sets us apart.

We like to keep things simple, and that means being ready to answer your questions as quickly and accurately as possible. Unlike other personal injury law firms, we won’t send you off to some faraway call centre. When you call CK Claims, you’ll speak to someone with a real name who can give you genuine, professional advice.

Our No Win No Fee Promise

We work on a “NO WIN, NO FEE BASIS”.
What does that mean?
It means if we take your case on and don’t win, or at any stage along that road we decide that your claim will not succeed, we cannot give you a bill for trying, or for the work already done.

Ok…What if I win?
That would be a “YES WIN, YES FEE” case, in which case we can, and will give you a bill for our time.
How much will that be?
Well, your case will have been dealt with under a C.F.A. standing for… Conditional Fee Agreement.
That means that the amount we can charge you may vary depending upon how much compensation you get awarded.
However, this conditional fee is capped in law at no more than 25% of your damages.
So for example £3,000.00 in compensation, that would mean a fee of £750.00.

Do you still get paid from the other side’s insurance company?
Yes…we get a fixed sum of money, but from April 2013, this sum was drastically reduced. At the same time the government brought in legislation to allow us to top up our fees out of your compensation, on the one condition that this top up would not be more than 25% of your damages.
Of course, we only take on cases where we believe there is a realistic chance of compensation being awarded. If you’ve been involved in an accident or suffered some kind of injury that you believe wasn’t your fault, you may well have a strong compensation claim. When you contact us, we’ll give you a frank and honest appraisal of your claim, and we’ll let you know from the outset whether we recommend taking it further.
If we believe you have a valid personal injury claim, we feel it’s important that we meet you in person to find out more about the accident and explain what happens next. We’ll arrange for one of our friendly advisors to come and see you at home or at whichever location’s convenient for you – this is a great opportunity for you to explain more about how the accident has affected you, and to provide us with any relevant evidence such as photographs or doctor’s letters.

Stress-Free Accident Claims

We understand that the process of taking action against the person or organisation responsible for your accident can be stressful, especially after the stress caused by the injury itself. That’s why we’re committed to working with you on a personal level from the beginning, and doing whatever we can to make the whole process easier. That means explaining everything in simple language that you can actually understand – why would you want to listen to complex legal jargon that means nothing to you? Mancunians are well know for being outspoken and straight-talking, and that’s what we’re all about – we speak out on your behalf, and we relate to you on your own terms.

One thing that many people certainly don’t look forward to is going to court, but this isn’t always necessary, with many claims being settled out of court. If the case does go to court, we’ll make sure you know what to expect and do whatever we can to put you at ease. Many people also find the prospect of dealing with a big pile of paperwork pretty daunting, but at CK Claims we do most of the form-filling for you.

Find Out More About How We Can Help You

You can see some of the people we’ve won compensation for recently on our testimonials page.

Whatever else you’d like to know, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer any question’s you’ve got. We hope you’ll find us sympathetic and helpful, not pushy or overbearing like some of the other firms we know!

Call us today on 0800 141 2510 to find out exactly what CK Claims can do for you.